High 5 Edition App - direct download

There's good news and bad news:

The bad news:
Due to an unforeseen change in app requirements by Google Play, the High 5 Edition app has been temporarily excluded from the official store. We're working on adapting the app to the once again changed conditions. However, this will take some time, especially since the app's complex algorithms are not easily adapted to the new requirements.

The good news:
You can download the app directly from this page. To do so, you only have to allow 'installation from unknown sources' on your Android device in the settings.

On most devices you can find the item in the  section 'security' - > 'Install from unknown sources'.
Depending on the type of your device, this setting is under a different menu item; the quickest way to find the setting is to search for 'unknown sources' in the settings.

Once you have found the item, on most devices you will need to unlock the  authorization for certain apps, which means you will need to unlock the authorization for the Internet app you are currently using on this page. In most cases this is the default browser "Google Chrome".

Once you have successfully authorized your Internet App, click on the "Download" button below and then click on 'download'. After a few seconds another message should appear where you click 'install'. Done :)

We apologize for the circumstances, thank you for your understanding and wish you a lot of fun with the High 5 Edition App.